The best rated by noobs and caffeine cohorts alike

Drink it, chug it, or make it your aesthetic, we love it all. The taste is unforgettable, just like your smile and the caffeine burst inside keeps us brew-ly connected.


We have a wide range of the finest teas. Be it orthodox, CTC, dust, leaf, green tea, white tea, instant tea premix, flavoured teas, immunity boosters and a lot more to offer. With the experience of the pioneers, the finesse of millennials & the quirk of genzees, we dramatically come together to showcase; what Drama Llama’s premium Tea is all about.

At Drama Llama, we ensure that your mugs are filled with the finest quality brews. Beginning with tea tasting, blending, roasting, and packaging, the procedure is carried out to the highest levels of hygienic practices, purity, and security precautions.


We are pioneers for wholesale coffee selling within the country and Asian market. Our coffee ranges from agglomerated spray dried, freeze dried, pure and chicory blends, filter coffee, beans and premixes.

Introducing Drama Llama, your go-to brand for all those premium-flavoured coffee needs. Every ingredient is freshly picked, roasted, and delivered to you with exotic flavours that leave your taste buds awestruck.

When the world is at odds, And the mind is at sea, Break the useless monotony, And brew a cup of coffee or tea.

There is magic in its aroma, And solace in its taste, The heavy moments vanish, Somehow into space.

The world becomes a lovely space, There’s beauty you will see, All because you briefly stopped, To brew a cup of Drama Llama coffee or tea.

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    Supporting our communties

    We strive to deliver the finest quality of Teas and Coffees sourced locally. We ensure these brews reach from the untiring locals to your desk. For this, we have built a community that works hard to keep you charged and candid as always!

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    For every Palette

    We craft flavours for everyone- the noobs and the experts. We don't judge a brew by its colour!

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    Sustainably yours

    Brews taste better when made responsibly and ethically. Therefore at Drama Llama, we are committed to sharing only high-quality brews that have been sustainably sourced, processed, and delivered.

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